Dancing Classes FAQs

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Dance Lessons & Dancing Classes FAQs

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked about dance lessons and dancing classes. If the answer you’re looking for is not included please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Q – How much do dancing lessons cost?
A – You will need to contact VIP Dance for the current hourly rates for individual dance tuition and group dance classes. However you are in charge of how much you spend on lessons or classes. The most economical way to learn to dance is to join a group class where the cost is shared between a number of people.

Q – Do I have to sign a contract for an agreed number of dance lessons?
A – No. You may attend dance classes at VIP Dance, Adelaide, and book private dance lessons to suit your schedule and budget.

Q – I want to improve my dancing but I’m not sure what I should learn?
A – Try coming to a regular group dancing class for a while to see how you enjoy it? If you attend a Latin/Ballroom/Rock’n’Roll group you’ll get a taste of a range of dances and an opportunity to ask the instructor about dances you’re interested in.

Q – How long is a dance lesson or dance class?
A – Most group classes and individual dance lessons are one hour long. Depending on bookings it is possible to have half hour individual dance lessons.

Q – What dance lessons does the typical student take?
A – There are three typical scenarios. The first is where an individual or couple has decided to learn to dance and want to advance at their own pace. Here they typically have one private lesson each week and attend occasional group lessons for extra practice. The second is where an individual or couple want to learn dance skills in a social environment. So a group dancing class each week – or even twice a week – is typical. The third typical scenario is an individual wanting to dance for fitness or exercise. Normally they would attend one or two group dance exercise lessons per week. Give us a call at VIP Dance and discuss what you’d like from dance lessons or dance classes.

Q – What happens at a private dance lesson?
A – At your first dance lesson your teacher will assess what you already know, and talk with you about the dances that interest you, and your goals. Depending on the dances you’re interested in they may advise on other dances that will help you to learn steps and skills that lead to your goal. They will demonstrate each new step to you and guide you through them at a pace that suits your skill.

Q – What if I don’t have a dance partner?
A – Many people learn to dance as individuals. At your private dance lessons your teacher will be your dance partner. At group dancing classes you will dance with other students or a dance teacher.

Q – Can my partner and I learn together?
A – Yes. You and your partner can have private lessons together or attend group dancing classes together.

Q – My partner has two left feet. Can you teach them to dance?
A – Certainly. Private lessons are tailored to each person’s needs. We’ve not met anyone who can’t learn to dance. And most people find it easier to dance when they have set steps that they can rely on.

Q – How many dancing lessons will I need?
A – This all depends on your goals. If you just want to learn a few steps of one dance style then you may reach your goal in a month. Many students start dancing classes with the intent of learning a variety of ballroom, Latin and rock’n’roll styles and take lessons over a year or longer. We have students and couples that return to the dance studio over many years to add new dances to their skills and brush up on forgotten steps.

Q – Where will I be able to use my dancing skills?
A – VIP Dance plans social dance events, and groups of students frequently attend events and venues where dancing occurs. Many of your new dance skills can be used when you’re dancing informally with friends at contemporary venues.

Q – What are the best dances to learn?
A – The complete answer depends on your age and social activities. However learning Latin American styles and rock’n’roll or swing will give you dance skills that can be applied in many contemporary dance venues – whether you are dancing with a partner or dancing by yourself.

Q – What should I wear to dance classes?
A – For ballroom, tango and Latin style dances you need comfortable shoes that don’t grip and catch on the dance floor. General daytime footwear is fine, leather soled shoes are even better – but avoid sneakers. Women should avoid wearing high heels when first learning to dance. For rock’n’roll, hip hop and dance exercise classes sneakers are fine. When you are committed to dancing for some time we can advise you on specialised shoes that suit different dance styles and where to buy them.

Q – What dance is best as a bridal dance?
A – The answer is as individual as you are. If you have your heart set on a particular piece of music for your wedding dance then the rhythm of the music will suggest the right dances. If you have a particular dance style in mind then we can help you select music that fits that dance. Some of our students even mix a variety of dances into a  more complex dance celebration. From waltz to hip hop – your bridal dance can match your personality.

Q – How do you work out the right dance for a piece of music?
A – This comes with practice as you learn different styles of dance. At your dance lessons the teacher will pick music with the rhythm and speed to suit both the dance type and your skill level. You’ll learn to associate particular rhythms and speeds with particular steps. Some are very obvious like the slow, slow, quick, quick, slow of tango or the 1 2 3, 1 2 3 of waltz. Others may take a little longer to recognise.

Q – The best place for dance lessons in Adelaide?
A – VIP Dance obviously:-) You knew we’d say that. Come and try dancing in a fun, friendly environment. If you want to ease into it try coming to a regular group dancing class for a while to see how you enjoy it?