Rock’n’Roll Lessons

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Rock’n’Roll! VIP Dance is Adelaide’s place to swing.

Thinking of learning to dance? Rock’n’Roll lessons are a good place to start. Rock’n’Roll is an enduring dance favourite. It’s easy to learn and you can dance it at all sorts of venues. A great first dance to learn!

A great first dance to learn!

Rock’n’Roll may have got started in the ’50s but it suits the beat of a lot of contemporary music, which means you can use your Rock’n’Roll steps in many situations. And there are plenty of variations to learn if you get the bug: Swing, West Coast Swing, Rock’n’Roll, and Jive. Each have their own rhythms and styling.

A good way to get started is to come to one of our Latin/Ballroom/Rock and Roll group dance classes. Here you’ll get a taste of what it’s all about and get to sample a range of other dance styles as well.

There are Rock’n’Roll dances held somewhere in Adelaide almost every weekend making it a great way to meet new people.

Organise a group class with your friends

Rock’n’roll and swing are great dances to learn with a group of your friends. Why not get a group of four or more friends together and learn to dance one of the most popular contemporary dances.

If you’re looking for rock and roll dance lessons, swing dancing lessons, jive dance lessons or one of the contemporary variations of rock and roll give VIP Dance a call.